Our Story

Our journey started with Climapreneur, A startup that believes a better future doesn't happen automatically, Don't just imagine but create. Climapreneur is a unique platform that is for everyone. Climate Change challenges are opportunities in disguise. Purpose, Passion, Profession, and Climate Action is what defines Climapreneurs and their long-lasting relationship with the environment. Climate action is trans-disciplinary just like the passion and skills of millions. The integration of trans-disciplinary skills with climate action is revolutionary.

You can check out our website - WWW.CLIMAPRENEUR.COM

Our podcast - "The Climapreneur Show", podcast where we interview Climapreneurs around the world about their journey towards making a difference through climate action.

#TheClimapreneurShow with Shweta Dalmia!

The show brings to you values through stories of Climapreneurs- Entrepreneurs driving Climate Action. Stories of Climapreneurs who are living their passion every day. These stories will hold your hand and help you in your path. Will ignite in you the motivation, the inspiration, and give you the courage to follow your dreams. These are stories of people who are spreading love and kindness, creating solutions. Embracing climate change challenges as opportunities. Driving Climate Action. Every episode will motivate you to live your dream, take small steps every day, embrace challenges. Embrace them the way Climapreneurs did. The journey isn't easy but yes a journey you will want to fall in love with. A journey that is worth taking. So Stay tuned!

Following this, ‘House of Clima,’ an eCommerce brand, envisions to safeguard the interests of those brands who are taking a step forward to be a part of the sustainable fashion revolution.

Before we started this venture, we knew there were many brands with affordable fashion that preached sustainability, and we just had to do something for them. The vision was to bring those brands to the spotlight by collaborating with them on a platform and empowering them to display their collections. Along with this, we also wanted to create a marketplace for those who wanted to become conscious shoppers but didn’t know where to buy sustainable clothes with a taste. And so, ‘House of Clima’ was born.

House of Clima, Your one stop place for comfortable, affordable and Sustainable fashion. 

Our vision extends beyond all of this to make the world feel like they’re doing a ‘good deed’ when they shop an item from our hand-picked brands.

It’s all about perception,
The more we care about the environment, the more it will care for us.

And with this,
We would love for you to become a part of our ‘House of Clima family’
Because nature has enough space in its heart for everyone!