Terms of Usage

This is an e-commerce agreement specifically prepared for the Climapreneur Ecommerce Private Limited in accordance with the legal conscience, with the motive of existence of absolute transparency on both the ends while entering into any kind of commercial activity.

This Agreement is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 including all its amendments and rules made thereunder as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

Climapreneur is an e-commerce platform developed to provide sustainable clothing as well as immuning the environmental and natural resources against any kind of exploitation out of this. With obsolete precision “We” have created our agreements to, it is requested to our visitors as well to go through the agreements and respective policies to avoid any kind of ambiguity.

General Terms & Conditions:

In the complete agreement, our clients/visitors/viewers are referred as “You” and the firm name “Climapreneur Ecommerce Private Limited” is referred to as “We”.

1. By visiting our site and placing an order with us, it is an implied consent from your side that you abide by all of our terms & conditions which will be discussed further. You are bound to perform all the obligations which is essential to the commerce and non-arbitrator in nature.
a. We will not be liable for any damages caused directly, indirectly, incidental, or consequential which may arise out of the inability to use.
b. We will not be held liable in case of any damages caused during the period of usage by “You” unless and until prior expression has been made on behalf of the team.
c. We grants “You” the right to operate, download install and use of our services as per the provisions of the Agreement.
d. The Agreement regarding “Terms & Usages” is bilateral in nature i.e. the provisions must be followed by the Consumer as well as the Merchant uniformly.
e. By visiting this site, You are agreeing to all the Terms & Conditions, and in case of any violation of either of the provision, “We” hold the right to avoid “You” from any kind of access to the site.


a. “You” agree to not to exploit the resources/sources of the site in any form i.e., either by disclosure or outsource the information of the site.
b. “You” are not authorized to formulate, amend or cause the modification in the narrative or descriptive aspects of the site.
c. “You” are not authorized to misuse the available information on the site for your own or other benefits.
d. “You” are not authorized to “resale”, “reproduce” or should not perform any such actions which shall prevail against “Our” agreements and suit “Your” needs. e. “You” are not entitled for the illegal activities on and out of the platform which may bring it a bad name.
f. “You” are not authorized to claim the rights of “Your” loss from “Us,” which arose due to “Your” negligence or any other shortcoming on your behalf while making any purchase.


a. While making payment for the order placed, through any medium, “You” must be sure of all bank formalities and obligations. Later, no such complaint will be entertained due to lack of awareness on “Your” part.
b. While sharing of any of “Your” confidential information, it is “Our” duty to secure “Your” confidential information. Your information shall be governed as per “Our” Privacy Policy. c. “We "will not be held liable for any failure of transaction until and unless it is through checked or verified at “Our” end.
d. Being a buyer, it is “Your” prime duty to maintain a check over your fiscal connection with” Us” and must keep a check on your dashboard for your placed orders, payment notifications and other updates.
e. All Payments shall be processed only in Indian currency only i.e., “Indian Rupee” or “INR”.
f. “Your” Refund and Return related queries and requests shall be governed as per our “Return & Refund Policy”.


a. Reviewing products listed at “Our” site by making a public comment is welcome. “Your” suggestions regarding any other aspect of the site will remain “exclusively confidential” with us.
b. “Your” feedback for any operative department of the site shall be addressed through our Customer Support Service.

Service Updates:

a. There will be timely updates on the site as per the needs and demands of the consumer, going with the changing time.
b. “You” will be notified with every update, offers, availing of discount and many other sets of updates eventually coming on the site.
c. “Ours” as well as “Consumers” necessity will be taken into consideration by offering the advanced software to access the site and direct communication.
d. “Direct communication” shall be made through the process of “E-mail” or “Text message” on the given contact number.
e. Updates can alter the working system of the site, but the confidential information and approved data will not be lost or undergoes any unauthorized use


The termination of the contract of purchase and sell will be terminated as soon as the services will be rendered in accordance with the consumers need. Any other liability won’t be taken by the team which may arise in the course of “Your” usage.


a. “We” don’t take liability of any other goods sold on our name deceptively. We only take responsibility of the goods sold by us bearing our sole ownership.
b. In case of unsuccessful purchasing, “We” will work towards to accomplish the task successfully by our means through our policies.
c. Requirement regarding a product exchange, return or refund will be satisfactorily done through “Our” team.
d. In case of any misappropriation of any information or activity, “We” will initiate civil or criminal proceedings to safeguard “Our” norms.
e. In need (acute) of disclosure of any kind of information (personal) of the consumer, “We” are bound to do so for the sake of repute of the site.